Authors: Schott HC, Patterson KS, Fitzgerald SD, King AB
Publications: AAEP Proceedings 1997;43:345-346
Species: Horses
Diseases: Chronic Renal Failure
Chronic renal failure occurs in all ages and breeds of horses, although Thoroughbreds and stallions greater than 15 years of age may be at greater risk. The most common presenting complaint is weight loss. Congenital disorders may account for up to 15% of all cases of chronic renal failure. Approximately half of the acquired cases of chronic renal failure are the result of glomerulonephritis, and the remainder are due to chronic interstitial nephritis. [Note: The prevalence of chronic renal failure was determined from a VMDB search of cases discharged between 1964 and 1996. This prevalence was found to be 0.12% (515 of 442,535 discharges). Further information is provided on age and breed of reported cases.]
Date Created : 4/4/2009
Date Updated : 4/4/2009
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